Confidentiality Policy


We do our best to ensure that the we do not reveal the identity of any individuals or organisations, or any private information about them. Private information that we collect is confidential and we use it for only for business purposes between Mark Walkes Health and Safety and our clients. All data is collected, stored and used within legal requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

1. How we define private information

Private information is information that:

  • relates to an identifiable legal or natural person
  • is not in the public domain or common knowledge
  • would cause them damage, harm or distress if the information were made public

A ‘legal person’ is a company or other organisation that has legal rights and duties. A ‘natural person’ is a member of the public. Where we use the term ‘individual’, it means both legal and natural persons, both living and dead.

Information that is lawfully in the public domain and readily available to the public does not automatically become confidential when it is used for business purposes.

2. How we ensure confidentiality


To ensure confidentiality, we will:

  • keep confidential information secure and only allow trained staff who have signed a declaration covering their obligations under the data privacy laws to use it.
  • explain how we will protect confidentiality to our clients.
  • ensure that our arrangements to protect confidentiality are sufficient to protect the privacy of individuals and organisations. Any information or details between Mark Walkes Health and Safety and our clients, are deemed to be confidential and will be treated as such.
  • should we create any statistical information, we will ensure that our data does not reveal the identity of an individual, our client’s business or any private information about either category.